New Angry Birds Space episode - Welcome to Utopia!


The wait is over. We know you've been waiting for new levels. We know you're hungry. Presenting: Utopia!

The wait is over. We know you’ve been asking for new levels, we know a lot of you have 3 starred Angry Birds Space, and we know that some of you have even beaten the Danger Zone.So, here it is, our next episode, with more planets and more sweetness: Utopia!

We won’t get too bogged down with the details, but here are a couple of important points:

#1 There’s food. And lots of it.
#2 Why is it called Utopia? came up with the name “Utopia”, securing an exclusive piece of Angry Birds Space art as a prize for winning our competition a couple of months ago. Having the privilege of naming the next episode was never meant to be part of the prize, but after seeing the name, concept art and Hayyie’s sheer enthusiasm: We decided to run with it!Utopia was born!

Now, we can’t just go around plucking names and ideas out of the cosmos, but this competition gave us the perfect opportunity to put things into action a little more directly than usual. We’re always listening to you and we try to act on feedback whenever we can, whether it’s something you’re unhappy with or something you can’t get enough of. Utopia is also a friendly reminder that we get excited about the same things as you. In this case, it’s FOOD! So, with that in mind... Go enjoy!Utopia is out now on iOS, with Android and other platforms to follow very shortly! Download here:

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