Multiplayer Takes Center Stage in massive Angry Birds 2 Two Year Party!


Angry Birds 2, the chart-topping sequel to the original mobile gaming sensation, is celebrating its second birthday in style. Call some friends and get ready for a huge new update featuring a new way to play together – Clans!

The new Clan update brings social collaboration never before seen in Angry Birds 2, allowing players to band together to take on epic new challenges. Of course, with epic challenges come epic rewards. Join a clan with friends or team up with other players worldwide to hop through levels, fling birds, and take down those nefarious piggies to earn rewards for your clan in all-new clan challenges. 

New Clan challenges will be rolling out periodically starting with the Clan Streak Challenge coinciding with the Clan update launch on August 3rd. In this first challenge, each player earns points for their clan by completing levels. Clans will be rewarded based on the total points their members earn every day. Time to take out some pigs for the team!

The Clans update launches worldwide on August 3rd. Create or join a clan and don’t miss out on all of the exciting new features we have in store. There are plenty more surprises and special offers planned to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Angry Birds 2. Check back August 4 - 11 to celebrate with us!

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