Love is caring for each other even when you’re Angry


Loads of updates and special features for Angry Birds Blast, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds POP for Valentine’s Day

We all know the Birds for being Angry, they are secretly sentimental fools. That’s why every year Rovio brings some very special updates for Valentine’s Day. This year is no exception!

In Angry Birds Blast, Hamsome Pig visits to take over the Daily Mission. Players have to pop him and his cherub piglet pals to collect roses. But watch out – if you stare into Hamsome Pig’s eyes too long, you may fall in love with the porcine lothario.

Angry Birds Friends is celebrating Valentine’s Day and it’s 5th birthday! For such a momentous occasion the game is taking a romantic getaway to the city of love itself, Paris. Of course there are plenty of egg-loving pigs to take care of once we get there. Get those eggs back in 12 dreamy new levels. 

If there’s one thing the birds of Angry Birds 2 know, it’s romance. Allow them to take you under their wing for a Valentine's update full of hugs, kisses, 80 new levels in the Hamsterdam and Missispiggy areas, and some score-boosting Valentine’s hats. 

Angry Birds POP will bring back Gale as the Guest bird and glorious new Valentine’s Day themed levels, 40 of them altogether! 

Being alone on Valentine’s Day has never been this fun before! And if you’re lucky enough to have a date you can both sit quietly right next to each other and share the experience of playing these beguiling new updates. A Valentine’s Day to remember! One who tolerates your anger deserves your love...

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