Huge summer update for Angry Birds Seasons


Welcome to Piglantis! Available now for iOS and Android, this underwater kingdom has 30 new levels and never-before-seen underwater physics! PLUS: Free Piglantis wallpaper!

Greetings from Piglantis! This huge summer update for Angry Birds Seasons has 30 tropical levels and all new underwater physics! For the very first time, the birds are taking to the water -- fling them in the lagoon and see what happens! Hint: Pigs sink and birds float!To celebrate the new levels, download the cool new Piglantis wallpaper below!Beat the summer heat with a swim in Piglantis!

Piglantis is available now foriOSand for Android onGoogle PlayandAmazon, with Mac and PC coming soon!


Desktop: piglantis_wallpaper_1024x768.jpg (478 KiB)1024x768(jpg, 478 KiB) piglantis_wallpaper_1280x720.jpg (546 KiB)1280x720(jpg, 546 KiB) piglantis_wallpaper_1280x1024.jpg (777 KiB)1280x1024(jpg, 777 KiB) piglantis_wallpaper_1920x1080.jpg (1.2 MiB)1920x1080(jpg, 1.2 MiB)


piglantis_wallpaper_ipad.jpg (636 KiB)iPad(jpg, 636 KiB)


piglantis_wallpaper_mobile.jpg (204 KiB)Mobile(jpg, 204 KiB)

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