Get ready for the Aftershock - 15 new Bomb Bird levels for Angry Birds!


Get ready for 15 new Short Fuse levels featuring Bomb Bird and his electrifying Shock Wave power!

Last Black Bird Friday was big for Bomb Bird - he got his very own Angry Birds episode, titled Short Fuse, and a devastating new special power called Shock Wave. Now he’s back for more! Get ready for the Aftershock, bringing with it 15 new Short Fuse levels to Angry Birds and another new addition called Power-up University. As a reminder, here’s the trailer for the original Short Fuse update:

What is Power-up University? If you’ve ever wondered about power-ups but never tried them - well now you can go and test them out for free. Go to the Power-up Shop and tap the button with Stella on it to try them out. Complete the trial to get your reward!

The new Short Fuse pack is a free update to existing iOS and Android downloads. Get it here!

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