Get into the BirdCode action at McDonald’s


Thank you for your order. Would you like a selfie with that?

After debuting last month in France, McDonald’s global promotional campaign in connection to The Angry Birds Movie and our latest game Angry Birds Action! has now taken wing in more territories, including the United States and Great Britain.
As part of a worldwide effort encompassing 108 different markets, when you go to McDonald’s this summer you can score a range of collectible Angry Birds toys with Happy Meals. But also, if you’re in the know with Angry Birds Action! on your device, look for the BirdCode symbol on McDonald’s packaging (and not just on Happy Meals). Scan away and hey, you’ve just augmented your order – and reality! Unlock a “whack-a-pig” mini-game for earning more powerups in Angry Birds Action! or maybe just move in for a selfie with a member of the flock.
Check out this video below that shows how the selfie feature works. Happy BirdCoding!

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