Freddie Mercury Memories: Winners!


Make sure you read our Freddie Mercury Memories competition entries - They're incredible. Also: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


We've finally made it through of your entries and selected our 10 winners. We found all of your Freddie Mercury Memories to be amazingly inspiring, so looking through everything has taken us a little longer than we thought! Whether it's singing his lyrics at a festival, bonding with others over his music or just… Remembering Freddie - This man has left an impression on many of us. Here are the winning entries:

#1Youssef Cosmos
I remember when I was 5 years old.. I used to wear black pants and pick my mom's red scarf to put it all around my topless chest and start clapping my hands to look like Freddie in "Radio Gaga" video clip. no one at home could understand what I was doing, until someday my mom watched the video on tv by accident and called everybody to say: " Hey look.. this Singer is dressing just like youssef! :D#2 @ro_thefan
Singing "Who wants to live forever" in my head at the funeral of one of my best friends #freddiemercurymemories#3 @ibc4
July 13th 1985. Live Aid. #freddiemercurymemories Leading Wembley and the world in a sing-a-long

#4 @riikkahoo
As a teenager I was so in love with Freddie. Still have the poster of him with lipstick marks on it.. #freddiemercurymemories#5Maya Jadhav Brown
The FFAD Angry Birds vid has been a perfect way to bond with my 5 year old son. He loves Angry Birds and I love Queen. Now we both have a new appreciation for Bicycle Race!#6 @GirlNamedRiley
My #freddiemercurymemories is sitting on my dad's lap watching the live concerts he taped off the TV. Good memories. RIP Dad and Freddie.#7 @davisesq212
My fav #freddiemercurymemories consist of the song We Are the Champions as it reminds me of growing up & going to sporting events with my dad!#8Jason V Rodrigues
1991-1992. I was 11 and in India. I hadn't heard of Queen but probably heard "We will Rock You" and "Crazy Little thing called Love". India had just started an all English Radio station that hosted the Top 20 hits Sunday morning. I used to hurry home from church so that I could tape stuff off the radio. Freddie's death had brought back Bohemian Rapsody to the top 20. I kept missing out on Bohemian Raphsody and recording it in parts, I thought it was different songs. Then one day I heard it whole and I was whoahhh its the same song!#9 @Chastangela
Meeting one of my bestfriends in high school. Our love of Queen & Freddie was what brought us together. #freddiemercurymemories#10 @DarthIcarus
Freddie's entire life was my favorite memory. Didn't hide who he was & put his heart/soul into his music.#freddiemercurymemoryCongratulations guys, we will be in touch. We would also like to once again give a huge thank you to everyone who took part.


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