#BirdsAndDragons illustration contest: Winners announced!


Winners announced for our #BirdsAndDragons contest! Head on through to see who has won...

Over the past few weeks we've been holding an illustration contest to celebrate our collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons. It's been a lot of fun!


Ready? Good luck...


wins a #BirdsAndDragons swag pack including one red hoodie, a Stella plush toy and a Puzzle & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle! As winner of first prize,Itohiro will also be receiving a one-of-a-kind piece of Angry Birds art drawn by our competition judge and artist Toni.

Here's what Toni had to say about the winning piece:

"A lot of effort and idea went into combining AB and P&D characters to new designs that look natural. The painting has an epic feel and it´s technically solid. Colourful, dynamic action!"Well done, Itohiro!


Charmainwins a #BirdsAndDragons swag pack including one red hoodie, a Stella plush toy and a giant Puzzle & Dragons egg-shaped cushion. Sounds comfortable!

Well done, Charmain! Here's what Toni thinks:"Cute, colourful and fluffy. A nice idea to put the P&D characters in the nest so that the birds will look after them. Pretty, symbolic picture of the collaboration."

ThePuzzle & Dragons team have been judging the entries with us and this piece really caught P&D Producer Yamamoto's eye. So, let's also hear what Yamamoto thinks:"I was very impressed by the quality of this piece. I think the way it combined Puzzle & Dragons and Angry Birds characters was very effective. Excellent!"THIRD PRIZE!

(There's three of you!)The next three winners will receive #BirdsAndDragons swag packs including one giant Angry Birds plush toy and one Puzzle & Dragons figure...

Surumepiques theinterest of Toni with the above image, and here's what he thinks:"Beautiful lineart and palette, good composition and finishing. Extra points for Red´s snarky expression!"

Congratulations Vasco, here's what Toni thinks of your work:"Captures the menace of the P&D character and manages to do a creative and disturbing placement for the Red Bird. Very high laugh rate on this one!"

Well done,Zawazawa! Here's what Toni thinks:

"Very well designed mashup of the characters! Both are treated equally and the combination rocks! This could be easily used as a concept for actual game character."

(There's five of you!)The following five winners will receive a #BirdsAndDragons swag pack including three Angry Birds clip-ons and three Puzzle & Dragons plush toys...

Nice job from Agoago3 above, well done! Toni's comments below:"AB character blends nicely with the P&D character and the flame makes a powerful background."

We've seen great things from Scooterek before so we're not surprised to see this in the final lineup! Here's what Toni thinks:"Nicely painted, strong atmosphere. Nice idea for a scene. Bubbles always has spare candy for a new friend!"

CongratulationsMasmanvictor! Here's what Toni thinks:"The birds are in trouble with the dragon! So much indeed that they need some assistance from Darth Vader and King Pig! Cool dragon, epic scene."

Interesting submission from Li Xue Fei. Congrats! Toni's comments below:"Even Odin has something against the pigs! Nice combination."

And our final winner is Hakuro. Well done Hakuro!! Toni says:"Clever mix of Angry Birds and Puzzle & Dragons. To use Matilda in an egg-nurturing Tamadora is very appropriate and makes for a cute scene."Well, there you have it! BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED!!We hope you've had fun drawing and sending us your #BirdsAndDragons fan art submissions, we've certainly had a blast looking through them all!If you didn't win this time, don't worry, there will be plenty more competitions in the future! And we'll still be sharing some of our favorite #BirdsAndDragons entries over at @angrybirds and facebook.com/angrybirds in the coming weeks.Stay angry.

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