#BirdsAndDragons illustration contest: Keep your entries coming!


Prizes for the Puzzle & Dragons and Angry Birds illustration contest announced!

EDIT: Winners have been chosen and will be announced on Monday!

EDIT #2:P&D Egg-Shaped Cushion has been replaced with the P&D Jigsaw Puzzle for the first prize.*

We've been overwhelmed with all of the amazing #BirdsAndDragons illustrations that we've seen over the past few days.

Our inboxes, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages have been flooded with amazing entries from all over the world, It's been really quite inspiring and reminds us why we love doing these collaborations in the first place.

So, with that, we're happy to reveal more information on the prizes. We think you'll be really excited about what you can win!FIRST PRIZE!
(For one lucky winner!)
A #BirdsAndDragons swag pack including one Red Hoodie, one Stella plush toy and one Puzzle & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle*!+ a very special one-of-a-kind piece of Angry Birds artwork.

(For one lucky winner!)

A#BirdsAndDragonsswag pack including one Red Hoodie, one Stella plush toy and one Puzzle & Dragons egg-shaped cushion!THIRD PRIZE!
(We'll pick three of you!)A#BirdsAndDragonsswag pack including one giant Angry Birds plush toy and one Puzzle & Dragons figure!FOURTH PRIZE!
(We'll pick 5 of you!)A#BirdsAndDragonsswag pack including three Angry Birds clip-ons and three Puzzle & Dragons plush toys!...And there you have it!Remember, you still have until next Wednesday, November 20, to enter, so head to theoriginal postif you're still interested!Special Angry Birds dungeon debuts in Puzzle & Dragons from Monday November 18 onwards.#BirdsAndDragons competition winners will be announced on Monday November 25. See you then!
All artworks submitted to this contest are the copyright of Rovio Entertainment Ltd. and Gungho Online Entertainment Ltd. who created the original characters and design. We, Rovio Entertainment Ltd. and Gungho Entertainment Ltd. can use, display, distribute, license and revise the illustration submitted by participants for the contest promotional activities on any medium now or in the future.

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