Bad Piggies update is here! New levels, items and video sharing!


Bad Piggies are up early in the morning and the new episode called Rise & Swine features 15 fun levels and two never-before-seen items for your Piggie toolbox: suction-cup tires and spring-loaded boxing gloves! Plus you can now record and share your craziest moments with friends!

Bad Piggies gets a massive update today featuring the awesome Rise & Swine episode with 15 all-new levels! But check this out. Now you can use Everyplay to record and share* your best Bad Piggies moments on the fly – like the craziest vehicle you’ve ever built or the biggest crashes involving those free-wheelin’ pigs! What a great way for your friends on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to admire your masterful creations!

Plus we’ve also thrown in some amazing new items that you’re really going to love. Introducing the incredible suction-cup tires and spring-loaded boxing gloves – two objects to add to your toolbox that will make your machines even crazier! And to see them in action, just check out this video.

IGN’s Game of the Year 2012 now gets its piggest ever update, you might say! So download it today for more levels, more creativity and more madness. And be sure to share it all with your friends!

Download the free update now!See the game in action!

*Recording only available on iOS (Android to come later).

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