Bad Piggies celebrates 100 million downloads with a new update


The all-new Sandbox level, ‘Little Pig Adventure,’ is the biggest sandbox ever!

Since it’s launch in 2012, Bad Piggies has reached over 100 million downloads – thanks to the big part played by a strong community of avid pigineers! To celebrate, the piggies are back with something new. The new update includes a huge sandbox level, Little Pig Adventure, and a new part – the gearbox. Players can use the gearbox in their contraptions to travel in reverse. It sounds simple yes – but for the pigs, it’s groundbreaking technology.

Can you harness the power of the gearbox to create the ultimate flying/rolling/crashing machine and steer the pigs safely to their destination?

The new Little Pig Adventure sandbox pushes players’ engineering skills to the limit with new parts to collect, slippery icy surfaces, a huge play area to navigate, and new achievements. Collect all starboxes, and add some new parts to your collection!

Get the Little Pig Adventure update now on iPhone, iPad, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore!

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