Awesome Bad Piggies update! New levels, power-ups and more!


Bad Piggies gets another awesome update with 30 new Rise & Swine levels and incredible new power-ups! But wait! You can now add the all-new grappling hook to your toolbox and get a helping hand from the one and only Super Mechanic!

Bad Piggies gets another big updatewith 30 brand new Rise & Swine levels! But check this out. We’ve also added super glue, magnets and turbo charges as part of our incredible collection of power-ups – great if you ever find yourself in a tight spot! Purchase these power-ups at any time, or earn them by collecting tasty looking desserts and feeding them to that greedy King Pig!

The update also brings you the all-new grappling hook, which you can fire onto any surface to swing your crazy contraption in the right direction. It’s an awesome addition to your toolbox and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! And finally, we give you the one and only Super Mechanic – the guy you call in when you need a 3-star ride! He builds the perfect machine every time, and he’s yours to earn or purchase.

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