Angry at education injustice!


We visited the Oslo Education Summit this week and chatted with Ban Ki-moon about #UpForSchool and Angry Birds.

The Oslo Education Summit, July 6th and 7th, was an impressive gathering of thought leaders, business leaders, education experts and world leaders. The discussions were intense and the sense of urgency was clear – we heard that there are not only 58 million children who are not in school but that the figure had actually escalated to 59 million.

Every single child deserves to learn. But it´s not enough to get all kids to school, we must also ensure that they get the best possible education. This requires engagement and fun and learning the important 21st century skills. We already know how to provide fun learning, we should just start distributing it evenly.

Summits where people passionately talk about important issues are definitely needed but not enough to solve the problem. These gatherings must absolutely lead to real action and active partnerships that start working toward the millennial goals we all have failed to reach. The buzz among the summit participants was tangible and we believe that now is the time for joint activities.

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General at Oslo Education Summit: “I welcome the #UpForSchool movement – they have enlisted the Angry Birds. My grandson loves that game so I asked him what they are so angry about. He said they blow up pigs. But when it comes to education they are angry at injustice.”

The Mighty Eagle and Ban Ki-moon discussing the future of education and #funlearning.

P.S. As if you didn't know, the birds are angry because the pigs are after their eggs.

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