Angry Birds wish you a Happy Chinese New Year with an epic music video!


The Chinese New Year starts on January 31st. Rovio wants to celebrate the Year of the Horse with our Chinese fans all around the world with a great music video from Finnish singer-songwriter Saara Aalto!

It’s time for the Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Horse starts on January 31st. The horse is one of the most popular animals in China, and it represents not only traveling, but also speedy success. In the Chinese horoscopes, the horse is also connected to heat, fire and the color red - does it sound like anybody you might know? Squawk!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Rovio would like to bring you a music video from an exciting Finnish artist Saara Aalto, who also sings in Mandarin Chinese. Saara has released one album in Chinese and three other albums, and her artist name ?? means ‘snow flower’ in Chinese. The video is shot in the town of Kittilä in Finnish Lapland, both in the snowy and wintery Finnish landscapes and a hotel made entirely of snow and ice! Enjoy the video and the song Reach the Stars here:

Rovio wishes an awesome Year of the Horse to all of our fans!

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