Angry Birds Stella POP! gives Red a chance in biggest update yet


The beloved Red bird joins the bubble popping fun with a limited time visit to Stella and her gang in the latest Stella POP! update, ‘Give Red a Chance’. Bringing 20 brand new levels and his red feather, the special ‘Red rock POP!’ power-up, Red adds hours of fun level replay

For approximately two weeks starting May 21st, the feisty Angry Birds Stella characters in Stella POP! give Red a taste of bubble shooting in ‘Give Red a Chance’, the game’s biggest update yet. With Red, gamers can play through the 150+ levels once more as well as 20 all-new bubble shooting puzzles with the Rock POP! power-up at hand to help fans break through the most challenging ones.

Angry Birds Stella POP! is the newest game within the Angry Birds Stella world, garnering over seven million downloads just eight weeks after its global launch.

The Angry Birds Stella brand was first launched eight months ago by a slingshot game. In this short period of time, both Stella and Stella POP! have been downloaded over 35 million times together while the adventures of Stella and her five kick-ass pals have also been viewed over 160 million times across and YouTube combined.

To Give Red a Chance, download Angry Birds Stella POP! now on the App Store or Google Play.

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