Angry Birds Star Wars II wows fans and critics as it tops charts worldwide!


The reviews are in, and it’s officially a hit! Check out some of our fave rave reviews of the new #1 game!

Have you joined the Pork Side in Angry Birds Star Wars II? Fans and critics have, and they love it!

‘’If there's a downside to Angry Birds Star Wars II's ingenuity, it's that each new level is so fresh and exciting that I excitedly tore through the game's story levels in a little over an hour. Mind you I still have many stars to acquire and special character levels to unlock and conquer, but I devoured this initial story batch like an appropriately Star Wars-related hungry thing.’’ --Kotaku

“This is another polished and clever evolution of the ever-expanding Angry Birds formula. If Rovio continues combining the depth of its three-star puzzle solutions with the casual ease of flinging a bird and activating its special powers, this is a series that could still just be getting started.” --IGN

“Is Angry Birds Star Wars II a great game? Yes, it is. Like its predecessor, it does an excellent job of staying faithful to the Star Wars universe, right down to the sound effects. Even the way the much-maligned Jar Jar Binks feels like a wry nod to fellow fans.” --The Guardian

“Like its gaming forefathers, Angry Birds Star Wars II is a great game. There's a reason why the Angry Birds global dynasty exists, and that's because Rovio knows how to make killer video games that appeal to gamers of all types and all ages. ABSII is fun as heck regardless of whether you're just breezing through levels with the included birds, or slamming your head against the three star wall.” --TouchArcade

“Angry Birds Star Wars II covers all its bases and hits an iOS home run… Rovio and Lucasfilm continue to display that the Force, no matter which path we choose, is stronger when a few birds lead the way.” --Arcade Sushi

“Overall, Angry Birds Star Wars II is a great followup to the original, with fun and inventive levels.” --Mashable

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