Angry Birds Star Wars II gets new characters and levels!


The next update for Angry Birds Star Wars II will bring a bunch of cool new characters, such as Hologram Darth Sidious and Silver C-3PO – plus special levels to go with them!

It's time to update Angry Birds Star Wars II – the game that's made an explosive start! Right away it shot to the top of the download charts in over 100 countries, and it looks like you really love those Angry Birds Star Wars TELEPODS figures since Hasbro has sold over one million of them!

The update will bring exciting new goodies for fans of the game! There are four new characters: Silver C-3PO, Red Battle Droid, Shadowtrooper and also Hologram Darth Sidious – the most powerful pig in the galaxy! There are also fun and challenging new levels for you to find and play!

Check out the character reveal videos below!

These characters are also available as exclusive TELEPODS at Toys’R’Us!

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