Angry Birds Space gets 35 sparkling new levels with Cosmic Crystals!


The latest free update for Angry Birds Space is out of this world with a bunch of awesome new levels and something completely unexpected – breakable crystal planets!

Those Angry Birds continue their adventures in space with a new free update called Cosmic Crystals! This time the Space Birds find themselves in a strange part of the galaxy with exploding crystal planets, greedy piggies searching for treasure and a final boss battle against a crazy mutant Space Pig! There are 35 totally new levels, including a Space Eagle and Eggsteroids level.

Download the update today and make those Space Pigs face the music of the spheres - which goes Crash! Tinkle! Boom!

Exploding crystal planets may not really exist, but did you know there are actually planets full of diamonds out there orbiting distant stars? One of them is called WASP-12b, and it’s a huge, searing hot gas planet that’s very carbon rich. And according to scientists, its core may be made of diamonds, graphite and other such elements! There could also be rocky planets, like our Earth, which are full of carbon. This would mean the planets may have mountains made out of diamonds, rocks made of pure carbon and pools full of tar. Astronomers may have already found the first Super-Earth like this – and it’s called 55 Cancri e!

If you want to know more about carbon planets, read this article from our friends at NASA. Oh, and if you happen to be around Utrecht in the Netherlands, then be sure to visit NASA’s A Human Adventure exhibition. The Angry Birds will also be present, of course!

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