Angry Birds Seasons: NBA All-Star Update Out Now!


Angry Birds Seasons celebrates the NBA All-Star Game with a new addition to the NBA Ham Dunk episode and a brand new trailer featuring the legendary Larry Bird.

Since October 2014, the Angry Birds Season NBA ‘’Ham Dunk’’ episode has been played 375 million times! So to coincide with the NBA All-Star Game ‘’Ham Dunk’’ gets 15 new NBA All-Star levels –plus an extra challenging Golden Egg level!

The levels are an addition to the basketball-themed NBA Ham Dunk episode. Also, with the new update, players can now try out the Shockwave power-up once per level in the new All-Star levels. Other new additions include a new unlockable Golden Egg level, and new Pig Days levels highlighting wacky holidays throughout the year.

See the trailer for the update below, featuring the one true legendary basketball Bird- Larry Bird!

The NBA All-Star update is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Get the update here!

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