Angry Birds fly happy with Jetstar Japan


It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… both! Planespotters in Japan are being treated to a feathery sight at airports around the country this summer

The Angry Birds don’t fly without help – usually a slingshot. But in Japan, a comfier and, dare we say, happier option for the flock is now available, thanks to Jetstar Japan.
As part of the airline’s fourth anniversary celebrations, Jetstar Japan has teamed up with Red and the rest of the flock ahead of the October Japanese release of The Angry Birds Movie. The result is a special livery Airbus A320 “Happy Jet” serving select domestic routes in Japan, and a local “happiness” promotional campaign with spokesperson Shinobu Sakagami, one of Japan’s most celebrated actors – and also the voice of Red in the forthcoming Japanese version of The Angry Birds Movie.
Planespotter and YouTuber TOP LANDING Narita has some footage of the Happy Jet in action. Check it out – and happy travels!

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