Angry Birds Competition Winners Announced!


Last week we unveiled “Fry me to the Moon” as the name for our next level and asked for your help coming up with names for the planets in Angry Birds Space. The winners are now here!

Last week we unveiled “Fry me to the Moon” as the name for our next leveland asked for your help coming up with some other hilarious, creative or justdownright cool planet names!We laughed, squawked and tweeted as your answers came flooding in. However,there can only be 5 winners. And one person can only be truly crowned “TheKing of Birds” – so who is it?!

Winner:"Utopia" by Hayyie

We felt that Hayyie’s name “Utopia” perfectly showcased her intergalactic feastof a planet. She also got in touch with us via email to tell us a little more abouther creation: “I picked the name Utopia for something different and elegant, Ithink! I I did my best throughout the day to bring a drawing that suits the name”.

Congratulations to Hayyie who will receive an exclusive, signed piece of never-before-seen art pulled from the depths of Rovio HQ. And a Space Box, of course!


But that’s not all! We still have our 4 runners-up to announce! Let’s see…

Runner-up: "Hamosphere" by Laurence

First up, we have a personal favorite from Oona in the Angry Birds team. She loved “Hamosphere” so much that she justcouldn’t stop chirping about it!

Runner-up: "Piggble Plog" by Domino

Piggble Plog. That’s right, the sheer absurdity of this name would certainly beenough to net Domino a Space Box if he didn’t create some awesomeart to go with it! But he did, and here it is!

Piggble Plog

Runner-up: "Sunny Side Up" by Kyle

Another piece of art along with this entry from Kyle. However, it was reallythe name “Sunny Side Up” that we loved the most – we simply can’t think of abetter way to combine planets with fried food!

Runner-up: "The Feathery Furnace" byDrew

This last entry was emailed over to us by a young man called Drew. We’venoticed a trend in planets named after pigs, but what about planets namedafter birds? What about a planet named after the peril that the birds have toconstantly face? Presenting: “The Feathery Furnace”.

Congratulations guys, you’ve all won a Space Box each!We would like to thank everyone who entered our competition! There really wasan overwhelming amount of great planet names. We had puns, jokes, grand titlesand many, many cruel piggy planet names!Keep an eye on the blog, as well as our @angrybirds Twitter and Facebook feedsfor more competitions! We’ll also be revisiting some of your amazing suggestionsnext week with a rundown of some of our favorite submissions that didn’t quitemake the cut – stay angry!

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