Amazing Launch for Amazing Alex!


A fantastic first day for Amazing Alex - thanks to you, our fans! Now it's time to enjoy the game and get creative. More exciting Rovio titles on their way!

A Great Big Thank You!

Here at Rovio, our whole team is overjoyed by the phenomenal reception for our latest game, Amazing Alex.

We'd like to extend our gratitude towards all fans of Amazing Alex, Angry Birds and Rovio. You are the reason we keep releasing new titles, and this is just the beginning. We'll have more exciting launches, animations and partnerships coming up - we can hardly keep a lid on all great things that we've got lined up for you!

Additionally, our thanks go Noel Llopis andMiguel Ángel Friginal – the original developers of the game Casey's Contraptions that was acquired by Rovio, and turned into Amazing Alex. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such talented developers devoted to their art!

Create. Share. And be Amazing.

Now it's time to display your imagination, and create your own levels!

We'll pick the best levels created by Amazing Alex fans, and feature them on a regular basis. Let's see who comes up with the craziest design! This week's featured level is chosen by our very own Nina from our Support Team.

All Things Alex

Whoa there – who's this Alex kid again? For all your background info and game news needs, check out the Amazing Alex Game Hub, presented by Pocketgamer!

Finally, congratulations from the entire Rovio family to our own Kaisa, for shipping a healthy baby boy! That's two amazing deliveries on time!

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