All about the Space Eagle and the Danger Zone!


Learn all about great new features in Angry Birds Space like the Space Eagle and the Danger Zone! PLUS: the inside scoop on new free updates and levels!

Gravity wells, Ice Birds and asteroids – there are a ton of new features in Angry Birds Space! We’ll give you more info on a few of the most important ones, including the fearsome Space Eagle and that dreaded Danger Zone that everyone is talking about.So… before we go into detail, let’s get a few things out of the way:#1 A space eagle is not the Mighty Eagle. They may be friends, second cousins or rivals… but they’re not the same!#2 The Danger Zone is a premium level pack. Why? Well, the levels are not for everyone. They’re HARD!#3 Free levels and free new content is coming. And coming. And coming…Right, now let’s get down to the details!Space Eagles
After Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio, you’re an expert pig-popper. You know that Mighty Eagle has your back whenever you need to get through a tricky level. So you’re looking for a new challenge.In Angry Birds Space, you get to summon a fearsome space eagle. They’re still here to help you out on a tough level, but require a little bit more skill -- using a space eagle doesn’t automatically wipe out all the pigs. Instead, you have to pick the perfect spot to fling the can of sardines, and the space eagle will appear in a wormhole of destruction that pops all the pigs around it. But don’t worry, space eagles travel in flocks -- so if your first try doesn’t do the job, bring on another space eagle! Unlike the Mighty Eagle, there are no time restrictions on use, and you can use several per level. You can earn them through gameplay achievements, or they’re available as an in-app purchase on iOS. The Danger Zone
Think you can defeat THE DANGER ZONE? This special episode is filled with 30 of the most difficult Angry Birds levels EVER constructed -- we let our level designers go crazy with these ones, and they came up with some brain-wracking levels. Even some of us here at Rovio HQ, where we consider ourselves to be expert pig-poppers, have found ourselves sweating in The Danger Zone! In other words: this area is for experts only! Think you can master it? Note: we’re working on bringing the Danger Zone to as many platforms as possible in the future, so stay tuned! New free updates
So you’ve blasted through 60 levels, and you’ve buckled down in the Danger Zone -- what’s next? Well, a little bird told us that there are new, free updates coming soon -- so keep an eye out as the epic space adventure continues!

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