5 tips to master Red’s Mighty Feathers


Having trouble popping all the pigs in Wednesday’s huge Angry Birds update? We’ve got the inside scoop on how to destroy all those crazy pig contraptions!

On Wednesday we released a massive Angry Birds update, featuring 15 levels of all-new gameplay. It’s you against a legion of hungry pigs arriving in bizarre vehicles, and you have to defend the eggs by destroying wave after wave of crazy pig contraptions. Having trouble popping all those pigs? We’ve got some expert tips to help you master Red’s Mighty Feathers.

1. Aim carefully

After you sling Red, tap the screen and Red will automatically zero in on the closest pig. This way you easily smash something on the way, like TNT boxes.

2. Smashing things

Destroying a vacuum can be very useful. Hit a vacuum three times and shatter it! Works on other stuff too! Destroy enough of the pigs’ contraptions, and the pigs will fall out.

3. Materials

The pigs use different construction materials to fortify their contraptions. Wood is easier to destroy than metal. Focus on the softer materials - sometimes it’s not worth using Red directly against metal.

4. Timing

Sometimes you need to act quickly, other times it’s worth waiting for the right opportunity.

5. Find the right route

You can hit targets from below by flinging Red downwards from the slingshot before tapping. Make sure to tap him before he hits the ground! Or you can also go past the pig and fly back.

Now that you’re an expert, time to go out and pop some pigs!

Also make sure to stay tuned for even more bird-flinging action! Due to massive demand, we are also making more of the familiar, classic levels for the Red’s Mighty Feathers episode.

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