3 DAYS TO GO: See TELEPODS in action! A new way to play Angry Birds Star Wars II


Only 3 days to go until Angry Birds Star Wars II, and today we’re introducing you to TELEPODS – a fun new way to play that bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds!

3 days to go until Angry Birds Star Wars II and today is all about Telepods! For those who don't yet know, Telepods allow you to teleport your Hasbro Angry Birds Star Wars 2 figures directly into the game. For the first time ever you can customise your lineup of pigs and birds, and Telepods help to make it easier and more seamless.

Here's just one of the official commercials that will be airing on TV:

Oh, and be sure to keep your eyes on our facebook.com/angrybirds and @angrybirds pages today for the chance to win some Telepods of your own!

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