Angry Birds Reloaded

A blast from the past!

The furious flock returns in a fresh take on the mobile game that crash-landed on mobile devices in 2009! Join Red, Chuck, Bomb, Silver and the rest of the flock in the classic pig-popping slingshot gameplay that took the world by storm.


Now remastered with visual enhancements, new characters, and new worlds, Angry Birds Reloaded brings its delightful brand of destruction exclusively to Apple Arcade!

New Characters!

The classic flock is all here with some new additions to the roster. The birds are joined by a cast of new characters from the Angry Birds games and movies, and even –GASP!– pigs!?

New Worlds!

Travel to the end of the earth to get the precious eggs back. Revisit the classic Piggy Island scenery and journey to locales from the Angry Birds movies!

Classic Gameplay!

Experience the bird-flinging, pig-popping satisfaction that made Angry Birds a global phenomenon. Aim carefully and perfect your strategy to earn three stars in every level!