Win Angry Birds Star Wars Costumes!


We have 4 sets of Angry Birds Star Wars costumes to giveaway. Each set includes 1 individual character and consists of 2 costumes - one adult and one child. Head through to find out how to enter...


"A long time ago... in a nest far, far away..."
- @LedizOrtiz

"I have a bird feeling about this."
- @davidgolden99

"Don't be too proud of this pig-ological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a bird's nest is insignificant, next to the power of The Porks"
- Nathan Alden

It's really quite amazing how effortlessly you can slide bird and pig references in to these immortal, famous Star Wars lines! Costumes will be sent to all of you, and if you still want to purchase one in time for Halloween, then head here!

October marks a very important time for us all. It's not only the month of Halloween, but it's also the month before Angry Birds Star Wars comes out. Woohoo!

What better way to merge these two landmark events by combining them, and revealing our range of Angry Birds Star Wars Halloween costumes. Nice!

Angry Birds Star Wars Halloween costumes!

We're going to give a bunch of these costumes away over the weekend. We have our Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper costumes at the ready - in both adult and kids sizes.

To win them, just tweet one of your favorite Star Wars lines with #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds - as the hashtag suggests, we want you to tweak it a little and turn it into an Angry Birds tribute.

Here are a few examples...

"May the birds be with you! #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

"Your powers are weak old ham! #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

"You underestimate the power of the Pork Side! #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

We'll pick a few of you at random to win some costumes. Go go go!

Competition closes at 12pm GMT on Monday October 22 and all winners will be announced on the following Tuesday. If you can't tweet, then you can also leave a comment below. And if you can't wait until Tuesday, you can buy a costume here!

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