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Rovio teams up with Room to Read and Worldreader

Rovio teams up with Room to Read and Worldreader

Espoo, Finland — October 7th, 2014 — Rovio Entertainment announces its commitment to children’s literacy and to the joy of storytelling through partnerships with two literacy charities, Worldreader and Room to Read. Rovio’s newest flock of feisty birds, Angry Birds Stella, celebrating individual uniqueness, female heroism and empowerment, will also come alive in a series of books, The Stella Diaries.

Published by Egmont Publishing in English, the empowering Stella series will also be distributed through Worldreader’s mobile reading application for feature and low-end android phones, called Worldreader Mobile, available to children and families in more than 175 countries. The Stella Diaries inspire children to read more while exploring their own natural super powers, which include reading and studying. The Stella Diaries premiere coincides with United Nations proclaimed International Day of the Girl Child on October 11th, 2014.

“We at Rovio believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn how to read. Literacy is more than just the technical ability to interpret letters, words, and sentences. Books and storytelling give the children the keys to understanding the world they live in", says Laura Nevanlinna, Publishing Director of Rovio Books.

Rovio stands for delighting the world with engaging and fun content, and in Rovio’s Book publishing it’s also about educational inspiration. During the past 3 years, Rovio has published more than 200 Angry Birds book titles across 40 countries and in 32 languages. Rovio’s characters and the world of Angry Birds are engaging and the fan engagement shows that they also motivate kids to read.

"This year we've had fantastic opportunities to support literacy”, adds Nevanlinna. During International Literacy Day in September, Rovio launched a charity campaign within the popular game Angry Birds Epic. During those two weeks, proceeds from the game went to Room to Read, a non-profit organization working for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.

Rovio Books also celebrates female heroism with a completely new young adult series created together with a sensational new author Mintie Das; Storm Sisters. Humor, emotions, action and girl characters fight all odds in looking for their lost parents in an exciting setting of historical fiction set for the modern reader.

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