Recently, there have been a number of concerns about how data from mobile devices is used. We take your concerns very seriously, and we want to be transparent about our data policies, so we’d like to explain a bit more about it. 

Analyzing data from computers and mobile devices helps developers like Rovio provide a more optimized service, and create a better user experience. Like most online applications, media and websites, Rovio games provide our game developers with different data about their usage. 

Some data is used for integrating different ad networks into Rovio games. We strive to offer our games to fans at reasonable prices, and having advertising in our games is a way of making them available for free for millions of players on various platforms. This data is used for ad-targeting in similar ways many websites use browsing data. All data is anonymized, and Rovio does not track or store any single person’s personal data.

Using data for optimizing user experience and targeting advertising in an anonymous and secure way is a completely standard practice in online media and games. Our policies for all data use have been outlined in the Rovio Privacy Policy and addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions here at 

However, if you have any questions regarding particular permissions on different mobile devices, please read on for more information about permissions and data use on different mobile platforms.

Android permissions and data use

For Android, the following permissions may be requested for different Rovio games:

Your location
coarse, network-based location
This information is used to target ads coarsely using metadata, such as network IP address. For example, this prevents people in Europe getting ads about marketing campaigns in the US, or seeing a promotion targeted to UK while playing the game in California. This permission is not required by premium versions of Rovio games.

modify/delete USB storage contents

This permission is used for caching advertising on USB storage. This permission is not required by premium versions of Rovio games.

Network communication
full internet access

Full internet access is required, for example, for downloading new levels in some of our games. In all of our games, we also promote new games, updates and products, so you will always have up to date information about the latest news from Rovio. 

Phone calls
Read phone status and ID

This permission is needed to access device ID, which is then hashed to create an anonymous identifier. This is how Rovio can analyze how the games are played, in order to develop a better gameplay experience. The device ID is always hashed, and not used or stored as such by Rovio. No information regarding phone numbers or phone calls is collected or stored by Rovio.

Additional permissions are asked for Google Play billing service for in-app purchases, as well as permissions to view network state and Wi-Fi state to detect and verify the presence of internet connections.

iOS permissions

On the iOS, Rovio games do not use any specific data, unless explicitly asking for permission to do so. Coarse location based on metadata, such as network IP address, is used to target ads. This prevents, for example, people in Europe getting ads about marketing campaigns in the US. 

Flurry Analytics

In addition to the information covered above, we use Flurry Analytics in most games to collect gameplay-related information and technical data. This is a common analytics component, used widely in mobile gaming - for more information see

Gameplay-related data includes, for example, information about achieved scores and playing times. This data is used by Rovio game developers to get feedback on game performance, and keep developing the best possible game experience. All data is completely anonymous and used in an aggregate manner. Rovio does not track or store any single person’s personal data.

Technical information includes aggregated device model, carrier and firmware version data, and is used to verify that the games work correctly and the game performance is good on different devices.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us

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