Puzzle Studio


Passion for creating highly accessible casual puzzle games.

Rovio’s Puzzle studio is the home of the passionate team behind Angry Birds Match, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Pop and the newly launched Angry Birds Dream Blast. While we have enjoyed great success with our current games, we have set ourselves even bigger goals for the future.

Our vision is to reinvent the puzzle category by creating games where players can find fun instantly, but that can turn into years-long hobbies. We are also exploring new ways to use narrative story and character worlds in casual mobile games. We want to create true emotional connection to the games we make, to make games our players will think about even when they are not playing.

We are a team-first organization. At the core of our DNA you will find openness, candid feedback, a strong desire to learn together, and a shared ambition to succeed. Our studio is truly diverse, and we want that to come through in the games we make. We look for team members who wish to collaborate with brilliant minds and dare to dream big. We are hungry to break new ground on games that will redefine the genre for gamers who love it most.

Tero Raij

"My journey with games started almost twenty years ago, and I have gathered experience with free to play (F2P) since 2004, working with Habbo Hotel, an online social open-ended world for teens. I joined Rovio in 2011 with a mission to help teams known for amazing premium games to embrace the world of F2P. Setting a strategic direction and deeply caring about the user experience is at the core of my role as Head of Studio, but more importantly, it’s about challenging my team and them challenging me and never settling for less."
– Tero Raij, Head of Studio, Puzzle