Providing Rovio game studios with world-class services.

The Delta team combines several responsibility areas that serve all five of Rovio’s game studios. Specifically, we offer player support, quality assurance (QA), we prepare games and updates for submission to app stores, we conduct user research, and we also create the sound and music for all Rovio games. Our team takes on a wide variety of projects, working with all Rovio game studios.

Delta prepares games to be released in app stores so in many ways, we are the end of the line before Rovio games reach the world. At the same time, our user research, player support, QA, and audio teams work in tandem with game teams during development and after release to ensure that the development process goes smoothly and that players’ expectations are met once games and updates are live. With our game studios’ focus on creating games that always have something new and fun to experience, launching a game or update is just the beginning.

Rovio’s game studios strive to set the world on fire with their games, and it’s Delta’s goal to support them with world-class services. We are super ambitious with regard to what our services should look like. With every discipline represented in the Delta team, we envision what it will look like by the near future and beyond. We set our sights high, and we aim to define the future of our respective crafts. To accomplish this, we seek to bring in the best people in the industry. We promote ownership within each of our teams and put emphasis on people before all.