Battle Studio


Building the best competitive multiplayer games for mobile devices.

The Battle Studio is all about creating world class competitive experiences for touchscreen devices. We’re driven by the opportunity to build Rovio’s next mega-hit that will not only top the games chart but also crosses over into a world-renowned entertainment IP. We know that it’s an extremely ambitious goal, but it’s not like Rovio hasn’t done it before.

Our studio had a good start with our first game, the award-winning Battle Bay that launched globally in 2017. Battle Bay provided us with much needed learnings and ensured us that we’re on the right path to make an even bigger splash with future games.

We strive to create amazing games, which hook our players with the rush of winning - and the agony of defeat. We want to foster community building competition and encourage players to climb the leaderboards alone as well as with their teams and guilds. We’re always on the lookout for the brightest talent that shares our passion and is eager to join our quest towards the top of the charts. If you share the same passion as we do, maybe our talent-filled studio is where you belong.

"Prior to joining Rovio for the second time, I’ve worked at Supercell, Zynga and Fun Plus in various game development roles ranging from product management to production and design. In other words, I know how the sausage is made and have made a few ones myself.

What Rovio offers is, in my opinion, any game maker’s dream: We get to build games that inspire and challenge us while having all the key support and leverage of a big entertainment company. But what’s truly unique is the fact that we have set our goals high as we strive to create new World-renown IPs. If you like working in compact and talented teams and if you’re not shaken by big goals, we’d love to hear from you!"
– Michail Katkoff, Head of Studio, Battle