Nicole Yang

Data Analyst


Our Stockholm office is the best. Comfy surroundings, cupcakes, and also working on some of the most popular mobile games in the world. All in a day’s work.

Nicole Yang, Data Analyst at Rovio's Stockholm Studio

My Rovio journey started when a recruiter contacted me about a position at one of the most well-known gaming companies in the world. And even though I wasn’t actually looking for a new job, this opportunity felt too interesting to pass up. After a couple of rounds of interviews, I finally got the offer to work as a data analyst in Rovio. Since my start in October 2017, my colleagues in the Stockholm office have really made me feel welcome, and I’m truly impressed with the strong team spirit we have.

The days start with a stand-up meeting with my closest colleagues where we go through what we’ve done, what is next on the agenda, and we make sure that anyone who needs help, gets it. As a data analyst, my main responsibility consists of finding actionable insights into how to improve the business and drive revenue and retention. To do this, I work together with designers, game leads, and the backend team to explore what issues to focus on. By running A/B tests and measuring event performance, I can then use SQL queries to pull data which is then either visualized using R or our internal dashboard visualization tool. After analyzing the data, insights are shared with the game owner and other stakeholders.

There is of course a lot of work, and a determination in the team to get things done to improve the gaming experience, as well as increase our revenue. But the feeling is that being part of Rovio is more than just a job. At meetings there is almost always “fika” such as very very tasty cupcakes or something similar, and the teammates really care about each other — like the time on a sunny Tuesday morning, when I arrived to my desk to find that someone had left me some nice chocolates and a post-it with a smiley, just because they know how much I love candies and desserts.

Our studio is located in central Stockholm, and we all walk around without shoes, have comfy sofas, and Fridays always end with a show-and-tell where we get to see what new features and games are being developed while enjoying a beer, or as for me, eating some cupcakes!

All in all, it’s a pretty great place to work with colleagues from all over the world, getting to work on some of the most popular mobile games in the world, and a lot of opportunities to learn. Oh, and playing games is part of the job.