Matteo Spiri

Product Manager


Making a successful free to play game is not easy but probably is the most fun thing you could do.


In university I majored in economics, and before Rovio, I worked in different fields of business like banking, finance, and IT. Since joining the gaming industry, I’ve been able to combine my passion for gaming and economics which has been huge for me, professionally and personally. 

I’ve always been interested in the role that entertainment has on people’s lives. People really love to have the element of surprise when they’re playing, and as Product Manager, that has always been my focus while creating or optimizing my products.

I joined Rovio in the beginning of 2017 and “Angry Birds Match” was the first project I worked on. My mission since then has been to create free to play mobile games capable of delighting millions of players with the highest quality entertainment and to make sure their competitiveness in the market stands high over the years.

Rovio has been a great environment to work in. The Puzzle Studio provides a unique combination of sharing and learning between different teams and projects. We’re all quite independent and we work in relatively small teams so we can operate at speed. It’s also helpful that every game team in Rovio can count on great support and services from cross-functional units when needed.

The industry will probably change a lot during the upcoming years and that means also the games and the way players interact with them will change. But something I believe will remain the same is the desire of being surprised while playing.