Marc Olivier

Senior Game Designer


At Rovio, I found that teams have the freedom of an indie and the kind of support only a major developer can offer.


I've had the opportunity to work in many countries, in large teams and in small hack-it-together indies. When I decided it was time for me to take the next step in my career, I had a very clear picture of what to look for in my next employer; the kind of certainty that only comes from having experienced first hand what works for me and what doesn't.

What is important to me first is working in a small team, but with the kind of support and expertise that only a large studio can provide. Also, it’s important for teams to have a strong sense of independence, while at the same time having clear goals. Next, teams should be guided by transparent and skilled leadership who are not afraid of challenges. Last, highly talented peers to work with and learn from. Right from the get go, it was apparent that Rovio can fulfill all of these, and then some.

As a senior game designer I've been given ample opportunity to flex my knowledge, and I’m regularly challenged to deliver the very best. Working with an experienced and tight-knit team is an amazing feeling, and we work together to create the best game experience for our players. I look forward to every new day because I know it will be exciting. With everyone pitching in, I know that we can bring the best ideas to the fore, and we have the best people working to bring them to life.

It's tough but highly rewarding work - exactly what I was seeking. I've hopped across a large number of countries, continents and studios, but I'm quite certain that my nomadic habits have come to an end here at Rovio.