Jesse Lempiäinen

Product Marketing Manager


When Rovio visited my university and challenged us to create a marketing campaign for a new feature, I got an amazing opportunity to work at Rovio full-time.

I was still in university studying Culture and Arts management when Kai Torstila, head of our product marketing team came to our school and gave us an awesome opportunity: design a marketing campaign for the upcoming feature “Mighty League” for Angry Birds Classic. The winning team would get the opportunity to visit Rovio to have lunch with Kai and Peter Vesterbacka. At that moment I decided that I want to win this competition and nail down a job at Rovio.  

Things happened exactly as I wished and I was able to get the opportunity to work as a summer trainee and do marketing for Angry Birds Friends. Rovio was everything and nothing that I expected. What struck me the most was the amount of responsibilities that I got during the first weeks. It guess it’s not every summer job where you’re in charge of coming up with crazy ideas like, Pigs dressed up in Bikinis celebrating national bikini day, create that picture and post that to 25 million followers, all by yourself.

Now working as a marketing manager for games, I have many opportunities to do cool stuff and work with partners. During my two years at Rovio I’ve already had the chance to work with WWF, WildForLife, Royal Foundation, Iron Maiden, and the NFL. Still the best part, and what has helped me learn the most during my time at Rovio, is the variety of super skilled people. You often find yourself sitting in a meeting full of the world’s top talent. 

Rovio as a work place is pretty epic. Air Hockey, VR-room, beer o'clock, tons of stuff to keep you occupied if you need to get your mind off of work for a few minutes. Then again, the work itself is so fun that you often work the whole day without looking at the clock even once. I also love the transparency in our company. We do not have set working hours, instead the main thing that matters is that you got to get your stuff done and do it well. Marketing in general is a constant battle of visibility and against deadlines, but I believe everyone who wants to work in marketing loves the constant grind.