Jenna Lindén

HR Specialist


After doing some soul searching about the industry I wanted to work in, I found the perfect fit in the games industry at Rovio.

When I was starting to look for internship opportunities in the spring 2016, it never crossed my mind to work in the game industry. At that time, I was having an exchange year in the UK, and one of my professors recommended to really consider the industry where I want to work. Back then I questioned that and wondered why does it matter which one it is, since you can work in HR in any industry.

I decided to apply to well-known companies in various industries and the most difficult thing in the interviews was to explain why I wanted to work in that specific company. I can admit that Rovio wasn't the first company on my list then, but a friend of mine recommended the games industry because of the casual working culture which she thought I would like. When I actually got the chance to work at Rovio in the next autumn as an HR Trainee, I realized that it kind of made sense that I ended up here. I've worked on movie productions before and I liked being part of creating something that people could enjoy in their spare time and have fun with. I also have an older brother with whom I've played a lot of computer games since I was a kid, and I still play mobile games daily. I know it might sound silly, but I really feel that this was "meant to be" after studying already my second Bachelor's degree, and after a long time of not really knowing where I'd like to work.

When I started at Rovio I felt like I was immediately taken in as part of the team. I've grown a lot since I started, and I still continue learning all the time. During my time at Rovio I’ve been for example coordinating learning programs and working on various areas of Talent Acquisition such as managing our ATS, relocation support partnership, job boards and trainee recruitment. Now I work as an HR Specialist in our Games business unit as the HR partner for two functions. I'm supporting and coaching the function leads and supervisors to succeed in their role, and I’m the HR contact for the employees in all employment related matters.

I like to work in HR because I get to see the impact of my work. I’m able to help supervisors succeed in their work and make everyone's employment relationship a great experience. Even though it can be quite hectic sometimes, I like that every day is different. I enjoy the international working environment that we have here, and while we take business seriously, the culture is still relaxed and fun. Also our HR team is awesome. We support each other and therefore I feel like I can courageously take new responsibilities. I know that I can always ask anyone on our team for help with things that are new to me. The best part is that there's not a single day without laughter with my colleagues. Work is such a big part of our lives that I think it's important to have fun while doing it!