Di Zhong

UI Artist


Here at Rovio, I found the perfect spot where I can use my talent and expertise to make a difference.

I have been working in different countries in Europe as a game developer since 2015, but my connection with Rovio can be traced back to 10 years ago. I was an animation student and by chance, I got hired by a startup company and tasked to 'make a game that looks like Angry Birds but not Angry Birds'. Making games is fun, especially when you are taking your favorite game as a reference, that was my first step into the video game industry. 10 years later, I stand right in the spot where my motivation as a game developer comes from. Here at Rovio, I am surrounded by all the things I love: the Angry Birds characters, games, skilled and talented developers as my teammates, plus a lot of cakes from the office. 

As an artist, I worship creativity. I’m always trying to bring unique visual experiences to our players. As a UI artist I worship harmony in the interface, where I keep the UX, design, technology and visuals in the most user-friendly balance, like a symphony. I enjoy working in a team where I can share my experience and knowledge, using creative solutions to make our game accessible to the player, at the same time learning something new from a very experienced team and our players. I challenge myself to deliver the best on a daily basis. I have received a lot of encouragement to grow, taking ownership of my tasks and being adventurous in my work, supporting the team to bring ideas to life. 

Working at Rovio’s Stockholm studio is also very cool, where you will find the perfect balance between work and life, and your colleagues are also your friends. We organize different types of events every now and then. We eat cakes. A lot of cakes. We also encourage each other to keep polishing our skills, both professionally and when doodling just for fun. We always remind each other not to forget to enjoy every sparkly joy in life. I appreciate the culture at Rovio, where we have built trust with each other and have the freedom to choose how to complete our tasks. It’s never easy to make a game, but I believe there’s a secret ingredient in every successful game, which is to love what you are doing and being good at it.