Tommi Lappalainen, Sustainability Analyst


“The big thing for me about Rovio was definitely the possibility to work in a company that’s changing the world and that’s interesting in so many ways”, says Tommi, a Sustainability Analyst.

Tommi Lappalainen, Sustainability Analyst

Applying for a job where you can combine traditional business life with the crazy world of mobile gaming was a no-brainer for him.

Tommi says he has learned so much during his time at Rovio that he considers it almost a second degree. He started at Rovio in 2014 as a summer trainee and after different projects and tasks he ended up doing what he does know. “The whole journey has developed me in many ways and it still does.”

The best part of Rovio according to Tommi is that the diversity of the whole company continues to surprise his every day. Being able to meet and work with people who have so many different talents is an amazing experience and a possibility to learn - a lot.

Tommi Lappalainen, Sustainability Analyst

Tommi’s daily work as a sustainability analyst consists of many different things. Most of his time at work he spends looking after Rovio’s consumer products value chain. This means collecting global supplier data from our licensees and managing Rovio’s social compliance program to ensure that Rovio’s expectations in safety & human rights is respected all around the globe.

“Although we’re doing our best at work it does not kill you to have some fun!”