London Studio


Making a mobile MMORPG that millions will love to play.

Our London studio, established in 2017, is the latest addition to the Rovio family, which gives us a unique chance to create a culture and a game from a completely fresh start. We believe that the best people enjoy taking on the toughest challenges, and with the studio’s goal to create a mobile MMORPG with totally new IP, there is no doubt we have a huge, chewy, wonderful challenge ahead. 

We can’t make a great game without a great team. True to Rovio’s Nordic heritage, we’re committed to providing a real work/life balance and support for family life. As we are a new studio, We sincerely pursue diversity and inclusivity, and provide excellent opportunities for learning and personal development. Aside from all that stuff, we also enjoy laboured puns, overpriced coffee, occasional Nando’s, and all dogs. 

We might be part of a big company, but we’re a small studio, and we plan to stay that way. To succeed, we need to work together, push each other, and take care of each other. We have a collaborative way of working, and we try to make sure everyone is involved in the product design. Also, we give people clear responsibilities and clear decision making power; listen to everyone’s view, then make your decision and we’ll all get behind you.

"I’m the Head of Studio here and it’s my job to make sure the team here have everything they need to make the best game they possibly can. At Rovio we make mobile, free to play games, so I’m constantly trying to find people who love to solve the problems unique to that platform and that business in the most creative ways possible. I look forward to meeting you!"
– Mark Sorrell Head of Studio, London