We’re not your usual bunch of game makers. We are the leading games-first entertainment company in the world. We make games that you either love or hate. We strive to make games that change the world. If that’s not too much for you, come join us!


Living in the Nordics

We are a couple of solitary nations on the top of the world. Our strength emanates from pushing through the cold and dark winters, year after year. We do not give up, it simply is not an option.

Finland and Sweden may be cold countries, but the people have warm hearts (and houses).  The hidden power of the nordic fellows is quiet determination. It is what carries us through any storms and struggles that may come our way.  The surrounding peace, pure nature and solitude have birthed our creativity. It results in games that you either love or hate. We love them, obviously.

We strive for great work-life balance to ensure that we get the best of our teams every single day, not only on Mondays.

We offer relocation support for employees and their families. We take care of both immigration and relocation, everything from work permit to finding the right housing and bank account for you to make the transition as easy as possible.


Traineeships at Rovio

We are constantly on the lookout for eager future professionals to join our team. As a trainee, you will gain an insider’s view on the game industry and refine your skills, while working with the best. If the idea of working hard to become a pro and progressing in your career does not scare you, keep an eye on our careers page. More information on the traineeships will be uploaded as opportunities arise. You can also receive notifications for traineeships by subscribing for entry level positions.