Pekka Korpela

Marketing Manager


Every day at Rovio is exciting when working with phenomenal brands like Angry Birds. Of course the amazing teammates and parties help too.


When Angry Birds was first taking the world by storm, I was a grad student about halfway through my international business and communication studies. The bird buzz had not gone unnoticed by me, and since I needed a summer job, I started looking into the company behind this global phenomenon. My first attempt to join Rovio as an intern was unsuccessful, but not long after that, a friend of mine who was working at Rovio tipped me off about an opening in the Player Support Team. I applied and got the job!

Working in Player Support, I helped thousands of players with their questions and concerns, acted as the voice of our players, taking player feedback and suggestions directly to the teams that were making the games, along with managing and participating in various internal development projects. It was both a great stepping stone for a fresh graduate, and an in-depth orientation to life at Rovio. I learned a great deal about mobile games and the industry, about different types of tools and ways of working, and last but not least, about the Angry Birds brand.

After working for a while in Player Support, I noticed that Rovio’s Brand Licensing Unit was looking for a Marketing Specialist. I have always been interested in marketing and branding, and as I had gained a lot of knowledge about the Angry Birds brand by that point, it seemed like a perfect match. I managed to get the job, and when I heard the good news, I was ecstatic!

The work is very versatile; every day is different. A typical day might include giving feedback on and approving the marketing materials created by our licensees, planning a social media campaign, trafficking ads to our games, handling e-commerce issues, or even shooting video material with mascots. It’s fast-paced, challenging and interesting, and I like it a lot. This position also allowed me to be closely involved with The Angry Birds Movie 2 and the licensing program around it - a project that taught a lot and where I got to work with awesome partners such as Sony, Amazon, Tallink Silja, Ferrero and Zappar - to name only a few.

The daily work in itself is fun, but what really makes Rovio, Rovio, are the colleagues, the atmosphere, and the working culture. Rovio’s employees come from dozens of different countries, making the company a cultural melting pot, something that I very much enjoy. Rovians are friendly and supportive to each other - if you need help with something, you’re most certainly going to get it. Everyone is working hard, but the atmosphere is still laid back and easygoing.

Rovio is a modern company in the proper sense of the word. There’s practically no bureaucracy or artificial organizational boundaries, making the company very agile. You are given a lot of freedom to do your work; no one is breathing down your neck and watching your every step. Of course there are goals and targets, but you can affect them yourself. In addition, Rovio values its employees and offers great perks, constant education, and of course, magnificent company parties. I guess it should be clear at this point, but let’s add it for emphasis - Rovio is an awesome place to work!