Shake that tail and rattle those feathers, because The Angry Birds Movie soundtrack is awesome


Blake Shelton, Demi Lovato and The Mighty Eagle himself headline birdtastic hit parade

Remember The Byrds? How about Buzzcocks or The Black Crowes? Remember that song Surfin’ Bird, originally by The Trashmen but made famous by The Ramones? Well, none of them are included in Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from The Angry Birds Movie!

That’s because when you’ve got red hot contemporary artists like Blake Shelton, Demi Lovato and Charli XCX on your side and in your movie, it’s time to (ever so momentarily) set the silly ornithological puns to one side, and get down and boogie.

And so, with The Angry Birds Movie premiering all around the world we are happy to remind you that the excellent soundtrack of the film is also available. Alongside the aforementioned hit performers, you can also find the ultra-adorable Hatchlings, with their cynicism-melting rendition of The Mighty Red Song -- and for the first time ever we have an opportunity to hear The Mighty Eagle himself singing a song... about himself, naturally. It would be lovely to hear how his ego fit into the recording studio!

This week, close your eyes and let the music act as your wings. You can find the album on Spotify here or download it from iTunes here

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