Kalle Sylvänne, Controller, Consumer Products


Back in 2011, when Kalle was fresh out of university with an International Business BBA, he saw in Rovio a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to be a part of something extraordinary.

Kalle Sylvänne, Controller, Consumer Products

He wanted to be a part of a company that creates something unique, and through that brings something positive to Rovio’s fans' lives. “Luckily over the years I've found this to be indeed the case with Rovio”, says Kalle.

Kalle started at Rovio as a Customer Support Specialist, working closely with Rovio’s fans externally and game development teams internally. Through that role he got a good general-level understanding of the games development business. In 2013 he was looking for a role that was closer to his degree, and he got the chance to join Rovio’s Consumer Products unit's finance team. “Nowadays I'm working in Consumer Products as a financial controller, and it's been nice to see that there are opportunities to develop and grow within the company. The last three years in Consumer Products have taught me volumes more about financial control and administration as well as licensing as an industry, so I've been able to build on my education and learn an industry that's relatively underrepresented among Finnish companies”, explains Kalle.

Kalle Sylvänne, Controller, Consumer Products

The amount of trust and responsibility that is given to employees has surprised Kalle several times. During his years at Rovio he says he’s noticed that if you're willing to take responsibility, you're usually given it.

In his daily work list we can find for example revenue & cost control, management & board reporting, and performance analysis for Rovio's Consumer Products business unit. “Sounds kinda boring, but it's actually not: I get to review what's going on in our business unit, what can we do to make it better, and then try and make that happen!” laughs Kalle.

When asked about the best moments during his Rovio years, Kalle has no problems pinpointing: “The company parties are a given, they're always a blast. What's even more fun is to get on stage in those parties with a couple of colleagues as the Rovio House Band, and play a gig to the rest of the colleagues!”