We’re going to Piggywood!


Pigs ham it up in new film-inspired chapter of Angry Birds Seasons

Did you know that Piggy Island has its own film industry? Of course it does! And in the latest chapter of Angry Birds Seasons, you get to go behind the scenes of Piggywood Studios and explore the porcine filmmakers’ craft in 21 new cinema-themed levels.

But as you slingshot and crash your way through the chapter, you may notice that the Pigs don’t just steal eggs -- they also, ahem, make frequent “loving homages” to their favorite Hollywood film plots. So see if you can guess which movies inspired the Pigs’ “masterpieces”. As somebody once said (was it Pigasso?) Bad Piggies imitate, but even Badder Piggies steal. 

Having fun? Good news: In true Piggywood fashion, a sequel is already in the works. Stay tuned for the next chapter in Angry Birds Seasons -- Piggywood Studios, Part 2!

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