Seeya later, 2015!


Time flies, especially when it’s been launched out of a slingshot. While it seems like we only just got used to writing 2015 on our checks (metaphorically speaking – nobody still does that, right?) soon it will be time to sling ourselves headlong into 2016.

But before we do, let’s take a flight down memory lane. In 2015, the feathers flew with three new entrants in the Birds and Piggies family of games: The addictive bubble shooter Angry Birds POP! the match-3 puzzler-meets-battler Angry Birds Fight! and our birdiest effort yet – Angry Birds 2, which launched on July 30 and has already been downloaded more than 60 million times.

In fact, together with the other new Angry Birds titles – and a deep portfolio that was constantly updated all year long with cool new levels – more than half a billion Angry Birds games were downloaded in 2015, sending the overall number of franchise downloads since 2009 well past the 3 billion mark. That’s a lot of pig popping, people!

Meanwhile, 2015 brought us another 24 bite-sized episodes of Piggy Tales on ToonsTV, as well as the finale of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. In the fall the second season of Stella got underway too, all contributing to bringing the total number of ToonsTV views up to 5.7 billion since the platform launched in 2013. The standalone ToonsTV app arrived in October and has quickly established itself as a must-have on family mobile devices.

Which is to say that the Angry Birds franchise is in decidedly rude health – and the stage is set for a monster 2016 with The Angry Birds Movie hitting cinemas around the world in May!

Get your Nibble on

But we’re not always about birds and pigs at Rovio. In 2015 through Rovio Stars we launched Sky Punks, a character-driven racer, as well as a major update of Plunder Pirates, with more characters, treasure chests, buildings and booty than ever.

We also teamed up with Shakira to make Love Rocks, a gem-studded drop-3 puzzle and world tour through the pop legend’s favorite locales.

Nibblers, a completely new IP, launched in September as the delicious next step in match-puzzle evolution and immediately started noshing its way into fans’ hearts. In the game, Coral and her toothy gang are daring fish out of water venturing from the waves to explore the Lands Above. The Nibblers search for oranges, pears, bananas, plums, rosehips – anything as long as it’s tasty and matches in a row of three or more – and try to evade the pesky reptilians at the top of this brave new world’s food chain.

In its first three months of live operations, Nibblers has quietly proven itself to be a cult hit, and we’ve been hard at work adding three times more new levels than originally planned for.

More Nibblers updates are sure to follow in 2016 – so keep playing, and keep evolving!

Happy new year!

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