Namaste, India!


The Angry Birds Movie opens wide today all across India

Good things come to those who wait, India. And today, a particularly good thing is crashing into cinemas all over the country. That would be a certain film about a certain flock of certainly not very happy birds. Maybe you’ve heard of it? 

The Angry Birds Movie -- screening for Indian audiences in English, Hindi or Tamil language versions -- is already a massive hit in America, China and most European territories. But today, it’s India’s time to shine... and get angry!

And hey: Don’t forget to take your copy of Angry Birds Action! into the cinema with you. But shut off your phone: We want you and everyone around you to enjoy the show. Afterward, though, stick around for the closing credits. Pop open your phone again and fire up the game. Boom! You’ve suddenly got a whole new area of the game to explore, and a new ending to the movie too. Right there on your device! Here’s how it works.

Pretty cool, huh? Happy birdwatching!

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