Movie magic is in the air


Today’s the day! The Angry Birds Movie is out now all around the world

Hello, America! Nǐ hǎo, China! The Angry Birds Movie is smashing into a theater near you -- right now! 

Although we know that you’re already out the door and headed straight to the nearest cinema, before you switch your phone off and settle into your seat, we wanted to provide a little reminder of how to make the experience of the animated comedy event of the summer last a little bit longer.

Because you know, when we made a movie, we couldn’t just make a movie. We also had to make Angry Birds Action! -- the game based on a movie, based on a game!

When you take the game into the theater with you -- shut it off when the lights go down, naturally -- stick around for the credits. When you pop open your phone again, as long as Angry Birds Action! is running -- it takes less than a second -- it will automagically detect that you’re in the theater and that you’ve just had your mind blown by The Angry Birds Movie. And when this happens, boom, you’ve got a secret ending to the film unlocked right there on your phone -- and a whole new area of the game to explore, to boot!

So get out, go see, and keep your birds flying!

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