Liberté, égalité … and anger


The furious flock smash into McDonald’s in France ahead of ‘Angry Birds: Le Film’

With barely a month to go before the global release of The Angry Birds Movie in May, the promotional buzz is building around our favorite surly avians. In France, one of the film’s key promotional partners is McDonald’s – and the iconic fast food chain’s Angry Birds Happy Meals are already flocking across the country in full force.

Our CEO Kati Levoranta (pictured) was on hand in Paris to try out the promotion for herself, as well as the range of eight collectable toys that come with the Happy Meals. Or should we say Angry Meals? Whatever you call them, they look très cool to us.

France marks just the beginning, though, of McDonald’s global effort, which will soon expand to 108 markets worldwide – and also help Rovio deliver a game-changing new physical-digital entertainment experience that we’re not quite ready to fully unveil. But more about that later!

In the meantime, bon appétit and let the feathers fly!

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