Learn English with Angry Birds


Video language platform papagei.com and Rovio Entertainment have teamed up to provide English language learners with interactive video courses led by Red, Chuck and the rest of the gang from the Angry Birds universe. 

With video content based on the Angry Birds Toons animated series, the courses are tailored for learners age 8 and above, and are available now in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Poland. Students watch videos with bilingual subtitles and matching exercises on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, motivating kids to learn English in a playful context outside of school.

In Germany, Angry Birds courses are also available to learn German in an Arabic-language environment, to help newly arrived refugee children and young people from the Middle East learn the language of their new home. As a globally recognized brand, Angry Birds is something that will be familiar to young immigrants in new surroundings, and can help them connect with their new peers.

“The combination of Rovio’s brand and content and papagei’s video learning technology results in modern language learning courses that match the environment of young digital natives,” says Dr. Michaela Meier, CEO at papagei.com. “The Angry Birds clips are short, entertaining and at just the right language level for young learners. In addition to our product line with CNN International for adults, with Rovio we now have a strong partner for our younger users.”

“Engaging with the imagination is a key to learning, and Angry Birds is a great property for doing just that,” says Alex Lambeek, Rovio’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The partnership with papagei.com brings us together with a great digital brand, and we are delighted to be able to help support the aspirations of young language learners.”

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